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Orchid Difference

Why Partner with Orchid Design to Help Bring Your Next Product to Market?

At Orchid Design, we are committed to delivering streamlined, successful solutions to our customers that exceed their expectations. What does streamlined mean for you? It means that your project will benefit from a unique blend of experience, facilities and a focused, simplified approach – all working together to get you to market faster. Read on to find out more:

  • Our team combines a diverse set of skills and experience from industries as varied as aerospace, consumer products and orthopedics, to create a unique and innovative approach to problem-solving in product design that draws from multiple perspectives.
  • Our entire organization has been purpose-created to provide a responsive, innovative, and team-oriented environment that provides quality solutions quickly. We are built for speed; we pride ourselves on it, and we deliver. We have full-service facilities in Shelton, CT and Memphis, TN that include CNC prototyping, tissue labs, and biomechanical and mechanical testing labs, enabling our engineers to try designs and respond to change requests quickly and seamlessly.
  • We are ISO 13485:2003 certified for design and manufacturing.
  • Our simple five-phase design process provides flexibility and compliance, making sure projects progress in a controlled yet streamlined manner.
  • Our regulatory team works in parallel with our product development team to integrate the two processes and make sure we consider U.S. and international submission requirements throughout the development project.
  • We provide enhanced IP positioning and customer ownership with every project we execute. We support this with engineers that are patent-savvy to help navigate the challenging IP landscape. We provide full invention disclosure throughout the project, and all intellectual property developed is assigned to the customer.